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PV Solar installation - February 2010
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PV Installation in one day

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The house before

The scaffolding has been
erected to enable safe

  Roof tiles are removed
and the rail brackets
  The roof rails are mounted
on the brackets and tiles
A continuous line of roof
rails ready for mounting
the PV panels
  Up go the PV panels   Lining up the panels on the
  Joining up the strings.
Each string has seven
panels attached
The strings are fed into the
loft space via this roof
  Mounting the last few
  The finished PV panel
array. Neat, tidy and all
lines up
  The Sunny Boy inverter
which converts the DC
current into mains AC
current. This is mounted
in the loft space
The meter cupboard with
the PV AC tail showing
but not connected
  The export meter limked
into the mains connection
  The circuit breakers
showing the PV input.
Note the warnings as
power needs to be dis-
connected from both
  The final installation;
neat, quick and very

Our thanks go to the sunny weather here in Somerset but especially EcoSkies Ltd - www.ecoskies.co.uk and www.solar-homes.co.uk. Thanks in particular to Steve Andrews who made it completely easy and effortless ably assisted, among others, by Liam Hanley of Solar-Homes.

Soon, I will put up a page to show the performance of the system. As a teaser we are currently getting up to 10 Kw from a 2.4 Kw system and it is only March!

If you have any specific questiions email me at nigel at bannockfarm.com