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New Barn - Demolition and Rebuild - March 2013   
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The Big Barn project

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The old barns from back


The barns had been there for
many years and had been
made from second hand

  The weather had not been kind
to the barns, in the case of the
dutch barn the wind had
removed most of the roof.
  How the old barns used to look
from the road.
The final buildings about to go
including the corridor that led
to the stable block.
  The cleared site, view from the
  Now the building starts, the
first steels go in.
  The structure of the barn
begins to take shape.
The roof goes on.   The cladding is on and it
begins to look like a barn.
  The roof from the inside. what
a beautiful symetrical structure.
  Matt and his team have finished
now it is time to lay the floors,
an aweful lot of concrete.
Here a concrete floor is laid
over underfloor heating which
will keep the workshop warm.
  The blocks are ready for Daryl
and his team to lay to form the
  A view of the barn from the
mezzanine floor above the
  The completed barn, needs the
landscaping but it is already a
working barn.

Our thanks go to Matt Holcombe and his team, the steel erection contractor, who battled through high winds, rain and cold to complete the job on time and to budget. We also would like to thank Daryl Taylor and his colleagues for their efforts in finishing the barn of with blockwork and windows and of course laying the concrete floors.

If you have any specific questiions email me at nigel at bannockfarm.com